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Yet Another Android Launcher, but different.

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RxLauncher is a launcher for Android. The launcher is the application you see when you touch the Home button, and which usually shows a list of installed applications so that the user can select and launch them.

It has been developped in application of the RxUI design principles used in all software developped by RxLaboratory. It began as an exercise to learn how to develop Android applications, but is mature enough to be shared with the rest of the world if you’d like to try something different for your launcher.

These are the main features, and some guidelines followed when developping it:

  • RxLauncher is free software, which means you are free to use it any way you want, and it is open source.
  • The application respects your privacy: it does not collect nor send any data from your phone.
  • It is lightweight, and is not bloated with unnecessary heavy features, but has anything you need to use your phone in an efficient way:
    • You can change any app icon and name, and you’re not restricted to icon packs: just select any icon on your phone, design your own!
    • Default icons for the apps are replaced by a default generic icon, so that your phone looks exactly the way you want.
    • The launcher comes with a huge icon set, always growing, but all are generic: we don’t want to make any advertising for any app or brand.
    • You can add any URL to any website to the launcher, and it will be considered as any other app. This is a great way to replace bloated and privacy breaker applications by simple web applications.
    • A quick access area lists the applications which are the most important to you.
    • The launcher keeps track of your use of the applications, and is able to sort them according to how many times you launched them. Of course, this data is stored on your phone only and kept private from any other application.
    • You can easily uninstall any app from the launcher.
    • You can quickly search for any app to launch them.
    • It is easy to use.

RxLauncher has been developped using a Fairphone running /e/. We stronlgy encourage you to considern using to this phone and operating system as soon as you need to change your phone.
It’s been tested on Samsung and Huawei running Android too.

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Icons and other graphical elements

All graphical elements, especially icons, are from RxUI by Nicolas Dufresne and RxLaboratory are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Copyright (C) 2021 Nicolas Dufresne and Contributors.


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